Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services
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Doing Business the Old Fashioned Way Into a New Millennium

Our mission is the serve you, support you, and assist you in having a successful medical provider business.  The practice of medicine is one of the oldest businesses around.  It is also one of the most rapidly changing businesses today. 

At Millennium Medical Billing and Physician Services, we have the latest software and hardware technology.  We provide comprehensive billing and collection services and other practice management services.  Instead of reacting to our client’s needs and demands, we keep on top of the latest in information system, regulations, and reimbursements to keep you and your practice in front of the change wave.  This allows us to expediently plan, respond, and assist you in doing what is in your best interest.  Some see it as a labor of necessity.  We simply call it active vision.

Our company is a tool to assist you in your success.  In our relationships, we will always:

  • Communicate with you.
  • Provide pertinent and useful information to you.
  • Involve, respect, and value you.
  • Do the things that build trust
Provide customer satisfaction – guaranteed!


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